Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day and all is well

Well, neither the wife nor I did much special for V-Day. This is not really anything new. I am king suck when it comes to romantic gestures. I married a very understanding woman. Thank God.

We did go out this weekend and do some shopping. I got a coffee press that you can see in the post below this one. She got some metal mixing bowls she's been wanting for some time and a day planner (she picked up for herself).

However, the past few days I have given more gifts to her than I have in some time. With our diet has come some new reserves of energy. So, I've been helping out around the house a lot more than normal. Now that's romance.

Being the father of two girls, I have been thinking a bit about future Valentine's Days. The wooing will begin sooner than I want it to, I'm sure. I guess the shotgun's gonna have to be readied.

What's got me thinking about my daughters' futures is a minor event this morning. My wife called me at work this morning to tell me what my four-year-old did. Do you know that new commercial where the girl is wearing braces and a boy walks by and says, "Braces. Cool." The theme of the commercial is, of course, to help image conscious girls feel better about getting braces.

What does my darling 4-year-old say when she sees the boy say, "Cool?" She asks my wife, "Mommy, can I get braces?"

I fear the future.

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