Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idol disappointment

Update: Dean's a little nicer than me.

Wow. What a waste guys. Not a single stand out performance. Based solely on the strength of their performances tonight, any of these guys could be going home. The show wasn't even that entertaining tonight. Very disappointed.

However, based on previous feelings and attachments we know that Taylor, Chris, Ace and Elliot are safe. I mean, they all gave passable performances, but they either chose the wrong song or delivered a lackluster performance. I thought Taylor gave the best showing, and I liked his song choice, but something was off.

As for who's going home, I'm almost certain that Kevin is on his way out. My next choice is between Will or Gedeon. They both kind of freak me out for one reason or another. Bucky may be in there also, but he was in the passable range tonight also.

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