Monday, May 22, 2006

Two-list Monday

First off, a list that seems amazingly familiar: Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 worst sequels. Although the article is dated May 22, it seems like I've read this before. It must either be because we've debated this stuff so much or that some of these movies are on other worst-ever lists.

That said, I can't really disagree with any of the entries on the list. There are some movie that didn't make the list that I thought should (Rocky 5 would be up there) and some that regardless of their place on the list, I will always love (Conan the Destroyer). The number one spot is well deserved.

List #2 I'm posting because I have to feed my inner geek: The Top 25 X-men. This, I think is a far more difficult list to make because who you like as an X-man depends a lot on when you read the book, or when you first started reading the book. I take issue with Magneto being #13; he should definitely have been in the top 5. He's right up there with Prof. X. I also have problems with the #1 entry. I do not agree at all and have always found the character to be bland and lifeless. I am quite happy, however, with entry #10: Colossus. He was my favorite X-man when I was young.

So, release your geek and tell me what you think.

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