Thursday, July 20, 2006

Making the Metal: Supergroup

I am stealing an idea from myself. A couple of months ago, I had a post up about creating your own Supergroup. I had some fantastic responses and great ideas.

Being that this is Metal week here at the Pica and that I'm doing much polls, I've created the Heavy Metal Supergroup Poll! The following polls allow you to vote for your choice of singer, guitarist, bass player, drummer, etc. I'll let the poll go for a while and the winners in each category will be the members of the super group. What I do with that information ... I'm not sure yet. But I have some ideas.

On with the polls:
Who's gonna front the band?

Guitarist #1
Who would you pick to lead the shred?

Guitarist #2
Who would you pick to share the shred?

Who would you choose to pluck your bottom end?

Who would tickle your ivories?

Who's gonna keep the time?

The polls will run until about Noon EST tomorrow.

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