Thursday, August 27, 2009

For lack of timing

I've been trying to do some home recording while the wife and kids are away. My problem is that I haven't played along to music or with a live drummer in so long my timing is horrible. What I've discovered is that I really need to jam along to the original recordings for a while. Which means I won't be doing any recording in the near future.

I have also discovered that I need to find some good drum programming software. I've been scouring the webs and I have found tons of programs, but I find it hard to commit to something. I don't want a drum loop editor, I want to be able to program an entire drum part (or sections) for a song. I used to use a program called Drums!, and it was good for composing but the drum sounds were a bit hollow and weren't easy to edit. I have run across a program called SoundTrek Drummer that looks like it will do the job I want. I don't expect most of my reader(s) to have experience, but if you know anyone who might be able to impart sage advice, I would be highly appreciative.

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