Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some kind of trip report

Not quite home yet, but we made it safe to Biloxi on the first leg of our drive back home. J-Mom's dad and brother accompanied us to Disney World and were a huge help. Disney is running a deal now where military folks and retired military can get into the park for free for five days and get up to five more people in for five days for $99 a person. Since J-Mom's dad is retired Air Farce we were able to make use of this fantastic deal.

We spent Monday at Magic Kingdom and Epcot; did Hollywood Studios on Tuesday; Epcot on Wednesday; Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach (see photo) and Magic Kingdom on Thursday, and we did Hollywood Studios again on Friday. We're dead tired but had such an amazingly good time.

We all enjoyed the Toy Story Shootout in Hollywood Studios and my brother-in-law and I got a lot of use out of the Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster. I think the best coaster out of all parks is the Everest ride, but they all pale after you go down the Summit Plummet in Blizzard Beach. The Plummet is a near-vertical drop from 120 feet. I hit 65 MPH my first time. It was the best kind of scary.

Mid-to-late September is one of the best times to go to Disney World. We never waited longer than 30 minutes for any ride! We rode Tower of Terror on Friday three time in a row all in under 45 minutes. We rode Rock-n-Roller Coaster about four times in less than an hour. We did the Everest coaster four times in less than an hour. Best time of the year to go!

So, we had lots of fun, lots of scary, lots of smiles, some tears (Daughter Number One DID NOT like Tower of Terror), and we're already talking about when we're going to do it again. It'll be a few more years, but it will happen.

Tomorrow we head back to Memphis. While it's been an exciting couple of weeks, we're all ready to go home.

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