Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Antiobiotic-Quest of the Unknown Macrolide

I am assuming that most scientists are also H. P. Lovecraft fans. How else do you explain pharmaceutical with names like Azithromycin, Dirithromycin, Erythromycin, Tulathromycin, among others? It's like reading off a list of the elder gods. On top of that, these antibiotics are all macrolides which itself sounds like a group of demonic ghoul dogs that serves Shub-Niggurath or something.

Beware the Azithromycin! Its chaos crawls with deoxy sugars!

Another thing, any time I think of Azathoth, I'm reminded of Isaac Azathoth, a villianous character from the RPG Macho Women with Guns which is self-described as deliciously tasteless*, entirely satirical RPG of blowing things to smithereens. Now in its second edition, it continues to appeal to our basest instincts by providing sex, violence, and vehicle statistics in one inexpensive package. I always thought it was a game created to make us geeks think that women would actually play an RPG.

Isaac Azathoth is described in the game as: A popular keynote speaker at the annual convention of Extradimensional Aliens Who Want To Eat Our Souls, "Dr. I" is prolific, witty, and a sneaky teleporting hell-fiend. Responsible for over 400 occult grimoires, and well-renowned throughout the seventh dimension for his off-the-cuff cocktail speeches and bawdy humor, he's the only living entity who's ever groped ZsaZsathoth for fun.

The fact that I find that tremendously funny makes me very happy (and surprised) that I am a married man.

Enough rambling, discuss.

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