Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sad and funny

Last night we went to see The Wizard of Oz play at the Orpheum Theater here in Memphis. It was a great time. Bobo, our four-year-old boy, was very good for the show. He hit his wall after intermission though. Even with that, he still acted well - just laid down on J-mom.

The wee hours of the morning were a different story, though. Bo woke up very early full of snot and crying. He came into our room to sleep because he wasn't feeling well. An hour or so later he woke up crying and says, "The teacher told me I had to get rid of my dog!"

We consoled him that it was just a bad dream and that our dog, Allie, isn't going anywhere. He fell back asleep. J-mom and I had a good laugh afterwards. After all the things that you could be scared about in the Wizard of Oz - the Wicked Witch, flying monkeys, creepy short people - he's worried about giving up his dog.

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