Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dad's shuttle service

J-mom had her first day of nursing school last night. She was nervous going in, but was giddy when she got home. It's nice to see someone so excited about school because while I'm technically still in, I've about lost all my motivation.

With the mommy being engaged with classes and schoolwork, that means that the daddy is going to have to be the primary mode of transportation for all the different activities in which our kids are involved. Fortunately it's not that many, however it still accounts for most nights of the week and Saturday mornings. Daughter #1 is in choir and cheerleading. Daughter #2 is in gymnastics and cheerleading. That's Monday-Thurs and Saturdays right there. Within the next year or two, the boy will be involved in something.

This, more than anything else, gives me newfound respect for my parents. I am a homebody to the point that many people would guess I'm partically agoraphobic. So, shuttling the kids around isn't excatly my idea of a good time. But, in the long run, I'd far rather them have these experiences and practical knowledge than not. Plus, it's pretty cool watching them do something they enjoy.


Ken Socrates said...

Your optimism would be inspiring if I wasn't sure it was the result of some sort of early onset dementia that is distorting your entire perception of reality.

I'm going to check back on this subject in a few months and see if all the rounding up the kids, rushing about, trying not to be late, negotiating traffic and what not hasn't turned you into a potential Diet Coke and Menthos road rage bomb ready to explode at any moment.

Than again, maybe it's me.

Cullen said...

Well, been doing it to some degree for a while. The big thing I have going for me is fear. Like, if they don't get out the door on time, I'll leave them downtown somewhere near a crack house. Or they'll have to fight the dog for supper.

This kind of discipline builds character. Or I'm setting myself up to be assasinated in my sleep. Either way I can rest assured I'm raising strong kids.

Ken Socrates said...

No, I get it. Daddy's Little Razor Sharp Black-Ops Commando Squad. I like the edge.

You're going to wake up hanging upside down in the tool shed, limbs and mouth duct taped, naked bulb in your face with a short, ski-masked figure who wants to talk about the Wii.

Mr. Bingley said...

Actually, he's discovered that doing the Mr. Mom thing is a huge babe* magnet.

*with the definition here of 'babe' being women in their late 20s/early 30s who have kids and are divorced from jerks who didn't do squat around the house. They can not resist a guy who drives his kids to various activities; and if you show up at back to school night, well sir, then the sky's the limit.