Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To have a new post

I've been neglecting ye olde blog, here for about a week, so I guess I need to put something up here. It's so much easier to post stuff on Facebook ... sigh

The last of our company left Saturday. We drove them out to Little Rock to catch their flight. Next time we're gonna have to get folks to fly into Memphis! Little Rock's not too bad a drive, but it is three hours, one-way. Enough whining. We had a good time with all the family and they are already missed.

I have a link of the day: Johnny Depp is rumored to play the title role in a rumored Doctor Who movie. In a way, I'm happy that there's enough interest for a movie to be made, but I really don't want a movie to be made. I mean, why? Why do it (other than the obvious money reasons)? The series is great and rather cinematic. However, it would be nice to see the Doctor in action on the big screen, and I'm sure Johnny Depp would do well.

The biggest problem with the proposed film is that Russell T. Davies may write the screenplay. Expect a movie full of hope and promise that ultimately leaves you feeling bitter and unsatisfied.


Andy said...

Cullen, if you're gonna post stuff on Facebook, and not over here, I'd like to add you as a friend.

But, I have a super secret identity that I use on The Facebook. Are you on Sean's Facebook Friend list? If you are, I can probably find you.

If not, please drop me an e-mail at with your contact details. I'd really like to see the stuff you post...if you don't mind.

Later, Andy

Kate P said...

I was never that much into Dr. Who, so forgive me if this is a dumb question: were any of the shows ever more than an hour long? I mean, have there been TV movies or anything before? I'm just wondering if they'd be able to do something that had a sustainable plot for an entire movie. But then again, X-Files did, so maybe that's not a concern.

WV: "splene" -- sounds like an artificial organ.

Cullen said...

Well then, first it's DOCTOR Who ;)

The show first broadcast in '63 and ran until '89. There was a 1996 US TV film that ran on Fox. The series came back in 2005. There were also two feature-length films that came out in '65 and '66 with Peter Cushing (most memorable to US audiences as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope) as the Doctor.

The original series were run as serials. With weekly episodes being 30 minutes long (closer to 25 min, actually) - but an entire story arc running several hours. Most modern fans, and US audiences think of the combined serials as one long episode because that's how they're shown now. For example, the classic episode Doctor Who and the Silurians, is made up of 7 Episodes, but today is seen as a three-hour episode. So, traditionally speaking, the current series is the exception, not the norm as far as story length.

Kate P said...

My bad! See? I'd get eaten alive at one of those ComiCons.

O.K., that's what I thought, that there was a serial quality to the episodes in past incarnations.