Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy fiscal new year

It's my favorite month and the beginning of my favorite time of the year. I love the way the air steadily gets crisper and the fact that you don't have to run the a/c all time! I also love that again I finally live in a place where the leaves change colors and there is something approaching four seasons.

Today is also, as we've come to celebrate in my office, fiscal new year. It's kind of an anti-celebration really because it means we don't have any funds until a new budget is signed into law and God knows how long that'll take. It means we can't go anywhere or buy anything and we kind of have to sit around with our collective thumb up our collective fourth point of contact until the government gets on with governing. But it's a way to mark time.

J-mom and I have been batting about the idea of going to Six Flags. Well, really me more than her. During this trip to Disney I got bitten by the amusement park ride bug. I have never had it before. I used to be terrified of these things, and I wouldn't ride even the wimpiest of coaster. Now, I'm pretty psyched to get on them. I loved every ride we did at Disney and we rode all the ones considered intense. Like I said in an earlier post, the Summit Plummet water slide puts all the rides to shame though. That free fall is like nothing I've experienced before. Anyway, we were thinking it over.

We're within 8 hours of three Six Flags parks (technically four, but the New Orleans park is still closed) and season passes are ridiculously cheap. However, it's still money and it still means gas and a hotel and food and, and, and ... So we've decided to shelve the idea for now. This coming Columbus Day weekend is a four-day for me, and I'd kind of thought about going up to the Louisville Six Flags, but now that that idea's off, we're thinking about doing some daddy-kid/mommy-kid dates.

Daddy-kid/Mommy-kid dates are a blast. We usually let the kid pick what to do from a parent-approved list. I've taken Daughter Number One to laser tag and to a movie. Daughter Number Two and I have been shopping, but not much else. We're going to rectify that, I think, with some laser tag. Now the boy's old enough to throw in the mix, we'll have to see what kind of things he wants to do. Should be a great weekend.

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