Monday, October 05, 2009

Praise the Lawd!

We finally got some yard work done that we've been wanting to do since moving in to our house. Well, we've had a lot of different ideas about what to do, exactly, but the things we've wanted all along have been done.

See, our house has (had, now) these four crape myrtle trees (bushes?) along the front of our house (the Natchez variety, I think). I have nothing against crape myrtles, but they are not the kind of plant you want right against the front of your house. They grow too fast and don't look all that good right there. So, that was priority one: Get rid of crape mytles.

Along one side of my house, there are two big bushes. In between these two bushes, there was a patch of shrub-weed-whoknows that has always been a huge mess AND during the warmer months a haven for snakes. I've seen at least two snakes in that area. So, I've wanted to just yank all that stuff up and get it out. That was priority two: Torched Earth policy between the two bushes.

In the front of my yard, someone had, long ago, made an attempt at some beautification. The problem is that it had long ago turned to ruin. There were two small peach bushes that bore fruit, though very small. There was some other vegetation there, but it was all kind of nasty looking and very hard to trim around. Priority three: Get rid of all of it.

My back can't handle much more than mowing the lawn, so we were blessed to have some friends do the work for us. They were in a tight spot and were looking for some yard/house work to do to help makes ends meet. We were in the rare place where we had a little extra money and were able to help out some. I now have all of my priorities checked off. Things I'd be bitchin' about for years to come if we didn't have someone come and do it.

I am so happy to have all this done and it's only going to get better as the grass grows in and it all melds together into yard. I'll post some pics this afternoon.

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