Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 5th, Bo!

My youngest turns 5 today! Five years packed full of moves, growth, change, craziness and barbecue.

Bo is a source of constant joy. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always interested in making people laugh.

Below the fold here are a few things I've posted here about or inspired by my son. Happy birthday, boy.

Sept. 10, 2008

He's bugging me to customize his tricycle

That's completely untrue. He's upgraded to a bike recently. I just liked the biker gang image.

I guess I should explain. Bo's been potty training. He gets a sticker every time he does #1. He gets a tattoo for every #2. As you can see, he's been a busy boy.

He had another incentive. We bought him a Transformer and he had to go #2 ten times to earn it. He got his toy this morning.

July 13, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy

Packing sucks.

Sometimes, though, you run across an item that makes you pause for a minute.

Here's the most beautiful boy in the world wearing his dad's old beret.

His will probably be green.

April 21, 2006

The headbutt

I'm telling you, little boys are fun. And they make you contemplate things you never thought you would. My 9-month-old boy had me thinking, this morning, about the headbutt.

The kind of wild abandon with which my little boy approaches life makes me realize that only a boy could have invented the headbutt. Let me explain:

I have, on occasion, seen my girls headbutt. But it has only been because of an accident or because they have exhausted every other option available and to smack someone with their head is their only recourse. In their younger days, they might have lost some neck control or something and accidentally smacked you, but would never do it on purpose. I mean, that crap hurts!

But my boy, God love him, seems to think that the large blunt object sittin on his shoulders is a perfect offensive weapon. When play fighting/tickling with my girls, he will try and get involved and will launch his head at his sisters.

I can only pray for his future.

March 30, 2006

The difference sublime

You know, there's nothing like an infant to make throw the differences between men and women into sharp relief. You know, I don't mean to sound divisive, but there are more differences between the genders than anatomy.

Case in point: Both of my daughters, as infants, explored like most babies do. However, there was a sense of caution to everything they did. You could almost see the gears tick as they approached something, "Is this going to hurt me? Can I pull myself up on this?" And if they tried something, and it didn't work, they usually didn't try and do it again.

Flash forward to present day. My boy, God love him, approaches everything he does with reckless abandon. I understand that there are probably plenty of infant boys that don't have a daredevil spirit, but I do know that a boy will do the same thing, over and over and over and over, expecting to get different results than the first time.

It is with all this set up that I explain the main difference between my daughters and my son. At 8 months old, my boy has learned how to crawl down from things like ottomans and couches. My daughters never really wanted to do this, on purpose anyway. The huge difference is that my boy, while slowing his descent by holding on to the edge of the ottoman or couch, breaks his fall with his head.


Andy said...

Cullen, that is WAY COOL! It's such a blessing to have a smart son.

Man, they really do teach us so much about ourselves, huh? I've got 3 sons that are now grown and gone (for the most part), and another still at home that really struggles with things...long story...but those boys are true blessings!!!

That is one cute little rascal...and as sharp as a tack I'll bet.

I know it's late in his BD, but I certainly hope he had a good one. And, I can appreciate so much how these landmarks are important to us Dads. I hope you enjoyed it every bit as much. I'm pretty sure you did.

Cullen said...

Thanks, Andy. We have a lot of fun. I look forward to growing up with him, but I'm also sad that five years have already gone by. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Andy said...

Yessir! I know of what you speak. The time DO pass way too much quickly.

We were just talking about that this that speedy passage of time seems to quicken once they reach their teens. Such a beautiful, and handsome chap!

Kate P said...

Happy birthday, kiddo! Five is a fun age. My niece is about to leave it behind, but her next brother down will be picking it up at the end of the year. I hope your son has a blast being five.