Friday, April 21, 2006

The headbutt

I'm telling you, little boys are fun. And they make you contemplate things you never thought you would. My 9-month-old boy had me thinking, this morning, about the headbutt.

The kind of wild abandon with which my little boy approaches life makes me realize that only a boy could have invented the headbutt. Let me explain:

I have, on occasion, seen my girls headbutt. But it has only been because of an accident or because they have exhausted every other option available and to smack someone with their head is their only recourse. In their younger days, they might have lost some neck control or something and accidentally smacked you, but would never do it on purpose. I mean, that crap hurts!

But my boy, God love him, seems to think that the large blunt object sittin on his shoulders is a perfect offensive weapon. When play fighting/tickling with my girls, he will try and get involved and will launch his head at his sisters.

I can only pray for his future.

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