Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Idol standards 4/18

UPDATE: Sarah has her thoughts up and they are almost exactly in line with what I would have live blogged had I done so. Her order from best to worst is exactly almost how I rated 'em. I thought Ace was slightly better than Elliot. However, a note to Sarah, every time I try to leave a message on your blog, they never show up ... is there a moderation problem?

UPDATE 2: Tracey puts up her thoughts, but is distracted by the TOMKITTEN.

UPDATE 3: Dean puts up his notes. He is letting his prejudice show in that Paris isn't in his bottom three, but I always like reading his stuff.

Well, I wouldn't have thought that American Standards would have gone over so well, but this was probably the most enjoyable American Idol of the season. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't pull myself away to live blog. So, here are my opinions overall.

The only performance that I think was just terrible was Kellie's. And, if there is any justice regarding this show, she'll be going home tomorrow. Judging from the other performances, she'll probably be joined in the bottom three by Elliot and Paris. Not that they were bad, just not as good as everyone else.

On that note, I was shocked by Ace. This was a breakout performance by him, I thought. Not that it was great, but I believed him this time. Very good singing. And all the other performances just went up from there.

My favorites of the night: Chris and Katharine. I was blown away by them both. How awesome that you can open and close a show so strongly. Very pleased.

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