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Idol threat 3-20: And then there were 11

Blah, blah ... go Melinda.

UK '60s era music. Nice. Should prove to be interesting.

So, they're being tutored by Peter No-one and Lulu. I think the last time we heard from either of these folks is when Noone had his song remade for Naked Gun. This must be the bottom-of-the-barrel week.

Haley: is singing "I Know Something About Love." The good is that she really listened to her coach and she's really putting on a decent stage show. The bad is that her voice is too karaoke sounding. Really ... I mean, it's pretty, but it's not Idol-quality. Well, perhaps I should rephrase that. It's not the quality of what I think Idol should be. But, what is.

Randy: Check it out -- that was the perfect song for you, America, Haley's back! Paula: You have this girlish quality to you, the flirtation was adorable. Simon: You naughty little thing. It was fun, young, a bit shrieky in the middle. I think people are going to be talking about a lot more than your singing.

Astute, Simon.

Chris Richardson: "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" ... they keep talking about it being a great song of the era and I don't think I've ever heard it. I like the fact that he's not jumping all around vocally and he's just singing the damn song. It's good. I also like the setting -- he's just sitting on stage with a jazz guitarist. I'm still not sure if I like the song all that much, but it's a decent performance. Probably my favorite of his to date.

Randy: You know what, I'm excited about tonight, that was another great performance. When you sing nice and soft it's all in tune. Paula: You're playing this game to win it. The whole thing was very sexy. Simon: Chris, I think that was your best performance ever. I'll tell you why, you're control was excellent and most importantly, you didn't make the song sound old fashioned.

Right on, Simon.

Stephanie Edwards: She's singing "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" and Lulu compared her Beyonce. No, really? I'm not familiar with this song either, but it sounds like a song you might hear in a James Bond movie. Oh, wait, I do know this song. Ooh, I'm not very fond of her handling of the chorus. I'm not sure if she's not hitting the notes on purpose or if she's off key, but it just doesn't sound right. But, she's powerful and drove it home.

Randy: A great song choice, not your best performance, a bit pitchy for me. When you get to ballads ... a bit harder. Paula: Love what you're wearing ... think you did pick the right song, notes fell off though. Please go back to having that fun. Simon: How do you think you did? "I think I did well." I think you are losing your edge. Thought it was a bit night clubby, thought you're losing your soul. I don't that is necessarily you. Miss that passion from you.


Blake: Singing "Time of the Season." Do a little beat box with it. The dude's just got a very good voice. I mean, it's not a very difficult vocal song, but he's really owning the tune. It's a good performance. And the beat box addition works well into the song and he kept it very light.

Very much a crowd favorite.

Randy: Blake, you know what, I'm a huge Blake fan, this week, you put together a really cool, vibey, current version of this song. Much props. Paula: Think this season is for Blake. I think you've really upped the bar. Simon: Right, a million times better than last week. This week, you chose the right song and found the right way to make it contemporary. Think the strongest performance so far.

I agree.

Lakisha Jones: Debated between "You're My World" and "Diamonds Are Forever." Lakisha wanted to do the Bond song and Lulu really tried to talk her out of it. But Lakisha stuck to her guns and is singing, DAF. She sounds great ... the problem is that it's a very boring song. I can't emphasize enough how very, very good she's singing. I mean, I would go as far as to say that this is better than the original, but it still can't change the fact that this song is just dull. Without bond shooting people and naked chick silhouettes, it just doesn't cut it.

Randy: DAF, from the Bond film, I don't think it was my favorite performance. I didn't feel enough Lakisha in it. Just all right for me. Paula: I don't think you picked the wrong song. Simon: We know that you are a fantastic singer, but this was Lakisha in 50 years time, I think. The mannerisms, the dress, everything ... it wasn't my favorite performance. It was too old fashioned.

I gotta agree with Randy and Simon.

Phil Nosferatu is singing "Tobacco Road," and by singing I really mean sticking sharp objects in my ears. God, I don't really know what to say here. It's probably not all that bad, I just really don't like the guy that much. He shouts too much.

Randy: Had a good time, didn't you, dog? It was pretty good for me. Paula: Actually think it was a good choice of song. Thought some parts were pitchy, but you were right there having fun. Had a good performance. Simon: Phil, I wasn't crazy about it. I thought it was a bar band performance. I don't hear any grit in your voice and I think you need grit to sing that. I think you're being outsung and I don't know what to tell you.

Yes, Simon, preach it.

Jordin Sparks: "I Who Have Nothing" she sings. So far, this is probably my favorite performance of hers. It's not all Disney and cutesy. Which the judges will probably rip her for this week, just like they rip her for singing that way when she sings those cutesy songs. Excellent control. Great, great job.

Randy: That was a very tall order for you ... very controlled, great performance. Maybe the best tonight. Paula: Each week we learn how great your range is. Simon: You sang it beautifully, but I feel like jumping off a bridge. It was so gloomy. You sang beautifully.


Sanjaya: Goodness, he sounds horrible in auditions. I'm dreading hearing him sing live. Horrible, just horrible. Wow, they just panned to the audience and showed a 11-12 year old girl crying (a la, British Invasion, heh). I can only hope they were tears of pain, fear, or she's a plant. They keep showing the same girl. Jeebus, man, I can't even go into how bad this was. My wife says, "I've heard drunk people who can't sing, sing that better."

Randy: You shocked me, you came out of your shell tonight. Best performance to date. Paula: That's what we've been waiting for. Simon: Oh my god, I think the little girl's face says it all (and Simon wasn't being nice).

They're panning to the little girl, Sanjaya went and gave her a hug. She's still shaking. (From fear!)

Gina: Sings "Paint it Black." I'm excited to hear what she does with it. I hope she rocks it and doesn't go too Meatloaf with it. Well, she's not doing poorly, but I just don't think I like her singing this song. It needs some grit, like Simon told Phil earlier. She doesn't have the grit here, it's coming out a bit at the end, but she's also doing some funky things with the key changes. Planned. It was a very good performance. I just didn't like her arrangement.

Randy: Not my favorite vocal, pitchy, but fun. Paula: Miles better than last week, second, I think this is what you have fun doing. Simon: There were moments of complete torture in that vocal. It was so off melody. It was just not very good. It was style overcoming, you're going to have to sing a lot better than that.

I hear what Simon's saying. But I think he thinks she went off key accidentally, it was a planned off melody singing and it didn't work out well. Simon's right about it not working, but she did still give a good performance.

Chris Sligh: "She's Not There" I love the tune. I hope Chris does it justice. I like the guy, but he's a hot/cold singer. So far, I'm kind of on the fence about it. He opens his performance walking through the crowd and singing as he walks up to the stage. The performance kind of picked up in the more up-tempo part. But this certainly isn't his best performance. Not bad, but not great.

Randy: Everybody's performing tonight. Started off a little rough, but you wound up good. Great song for you. Paula: Dressing much nicer. Like that you're working the audience. Thought vocals were very good. Simon: I think you did your thing. I thought it was fun, not the best vocal tonight, but it was a lot of fun.

Melinda: She's singing a song outside of her comfort zone. I can't believe she has a song outside her comfort zone. She's singing "As Long as He Needs Me." Lulu said something during their little training session. She said that Melinda found herself in the song, and I think that's probably a very apt description of how Melinda sings -- she just finds herself in the song. Do I really need to go into her performance? Effing awesome folks. (And the little girl that cried for Sanjaya is crying again. This time its good for real.)

Wow, folks. Just wow.

Randy: Probably saved the best vocal for last. You have great relative pitch. You are a pro. Paula: You are in your own league, my dear. Simon: Melinda, I have to ask you a question. Are you really as nice as you seem. Totally agree with Randy. It started boring, but the second part was sensational with an impeccable vocal.

WRAP-UP: Tough week, folks. It was so much more entertaining this time around. It's obvious that there are folks who deserve to be in the bottom three and those who are actually going to be in the bottom three. Sanjaya deserves to be in the bottom three, but due to Vote for the Worst and some of the young girl votes, but I'm still putting him in there because it was SO. FREAKING. HORRIBLE. So, my bottom three: Sanjaya, Haley and Stephanie. I think Sanjaya was so bad that America will come to their senses. Sanjaya is going home, dammit.


Sarahk and I share two out of three bottom three picks.

Dean makes a funny.

Curly McDimple at American Midol hates her some Blake Lewis.

Dial Idol predictions: Screw you America! Sanjaya is predicted to be safe, dammit. And the bottom three this week are Chris Sligh, Gina Glocksen and Haley Scarnato. We'll just see.

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