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Idol threat 3/7

As opposed to last night, I am very much looking forward to tonight's show. There are some great performers in this group and are mostly entertaining.

Jordin Sparks: She's singing Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker ... you know, she's got a decent voice. However, this song isn't out of her ability, really. She doesn't have the edge to her voice to pull it off convincingly. However (again), this was like a Disney performance of the song and it was pretty decent.

Randy: It wasn't your best but it was better than all of the boys last night. Paula: Weeble wobble ... love you (to be fair, she really didn't "weeble wobble," I was still trying to get situated and, you know, you can say weeble wobble for Paula any time and it kind of fits). Simon: Not quite as enthusiastic, it was a bit shrieky in the middle. But I think you'll be here next week. Wasn't your strongest performance.

Jordin, like Lisa Tucker from last season, will have a career at Disney for many years to come after she makes it a couple of weeks through the final 12.

Sabrina Sloan: She's singing Don't Let Go (Love) by En Vogue. Not up to En Vogue standard, but this was a much better song choice than last week. She kind of shouted here and there; overall not too bad. Again, better than last week.

Randy: Not my favorite performance from you, but again, better than last night. Wish song had more melody. Paula: For me ... you can sing, sing, sing. Your voice soars. It pierces (was that a complement?) Simon: It was lacking the emotion I'm seeing from your main competitors ... it actually reminded me of a hotel resort performance (because of the song). You need to inject more personality into your performance.

Ryan: Does she deserve to be in the final 12, ALL: Yes, Yes!

Antonella Barba: Has played violin since childhood. She's singing a song I don't know. But it's a bit slower and easier and well within her range. Must say this is the best I've heard her since her audition. 'Course, we all know she's not going anywhere this week. That isn't to say that she shouldn't go, but, you know, the season's skank makes it about halfway through the top 12,

Randy: Pretty good song choice. A little pitchy. Blah, blah. Paula: I think it was the right song choice, bottom notes you kind of have to watch ... you picked the right song. Simon: You've gone as far as you can go ... you are surrounded by some pretty amazing girl singers. I don't know how much far you can go because I don't think you're going to get better. You've taken a real stick in the media and have handled yourself very well. I just wish you could sing better.

Probably the best, most tactful thing I've ever heard Simon say. However, rather than listen to Simon she blows it off. And comes across a bit too catty. Simon fires right back though -- "Let's be real," he says. "No one's being critical for the sake of being critical." Nicely done, Simon.

And so ends my live blog portion. The wife is coming home from a church activity and I have to rewind and watch this part over again. If it had been last night, I might have gnawed off my own leg to escape. But I'm willing to watch these girls again. Yes, even Antonella.

Haley Scarnato: Was a gymnast. I am not surprised. I have no idea what she's singing. I mean, I don't think I've ever heard this song before. It's not a bad song, but it's not any good either. It sounds like the kind of song you hear at the end of a sitcom. She's not doing a bad job, but it's just so forgettable. I mean, I had to click over to the Idol Web site just to find out who Haley is. That probably doesn't bode well for her future.

Randy: Interesting song choice. Just had no pizazz. It had no, "YO!" Paula: I'm sure that was a difficult critique to hear (sarcasm drips). You sang the song well. Simon: Thought it was horrible. Thought it was some ghastly performance. I told Paula halfway through that I didn't know your name. I don't think you made enough of an impression.


Stephanie Edwards: Used to sing all the time as a kid. How interesting. Another song I don't know. Man. Why don't these AI contestants sing more metal or punk? Anyway ... critique -- she's not doing bad. I just think this song isn't that good of a choice. It doesn't have a well-defined melody. Ooh, and she goes off pitch a lot toward the end. Not her best.

Randy: Give you an "A" for valiant effort. Paula: Thought you were darn near flawless. Watch a bit about falling behind the music, but you have a beautiful voice and great showmanship. Simon: Stephanie, without a doubt you are one of the best singers we have, but you do have a tendency to go a bit "copycat," but we know you've done enough to sing your way into next week.

Lakisha Jones: Is terrified of animals. Heh. All kinds of animals. That's funny. I think this is a Whitney song. Oh, looks like she took their fashion advice also. She's wearing a much subdued black dress. Man. You know she can sing. She's nailing this song like it's just laying there waiting to be nailed. Begging for a good nailing. And she's all tapping its bass clef. You like that? You like that? I did (And did I use "laying" correctly? Been a freakin' editor for the better part of 13 years and can never remember that one).

Randy: Don't know if it was your best, but it was great. Paula: You've already made us love you. You're going to stay right here and work on being the next Idol. Simon: What we haven't seen yet tonight, you brought passion, emotion, believability. Tonight, you look beautiful.

See, we guys pick up on that stuff now and again.

Ryan's pillow fighting and acing like he's flirting with Gina. Not well.

Gina Glocksen: Carries good luck charms. No idea what she's singing. Is this a Evanescence song? She's not doing a bad job with it. I've heard a bit of Amy Lee singing live, and she doesn't sing this well live. Overall, not too bad. She took their advice about rocking it out. Let's see what they think.

Randy: Finally, the real Gina comes out. Some pitch problems, but this is who I always thought you were. Keep the edge alive. Paula: This is more or less who I imagined you to be. Watch oversinging. Simon: You enjoyed that ... first time I've seen you comfortable here. I think you tended to scream the song, but I really hope you make it through. Honestly, you are a breath of fresh air. Think you can do well.

Gina: That's the Simon I love!

Melinda Doolittle: Has OCD. Which is perfectly fine. Excuse me while I shut my door five times. Oh man, she's a WOMAN. She's singing that's she's a woman. I'm serious here, I seriously get chills when she sings. How awesome to have her close the show? She should always close the show. She's the headliner. There's no doubt about her talent. Do we even need to go through the rest of the contest? Jeebus she's good.

Ha! Paula's crying!

Randy: The hottest of the night! You're ready to make a record! Paula: Di dyou ever think yo'd be on this stage getting this adoration. You are so wonderful. I can't wait to see what you do each week. Simon: You little tiger. Thought we had a pussy cat. I love that. Quite obvious. I don't have to tell you how good a singer you are. It's nice to see how much fun you're having out here. A million percent we're going to see you next week.

Amen.Or Ramen, if you prefer.

Dudes. This is a tough call tonight. These woman are all so good. Crap, even Antonella showed up tonight. But, since there has to be two, I'll say Haley and Sabrina are going home. Antonella deserves to be out, but, well, you know. I'll Gina in as my alternate although I do hope she doesn't get the boot.


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Dial Idol predictions: Haley and Stephanie are Dial Idol's bottom two. However, Sabrina is within 1/100th of a point of Haley, and the bottom six are all well within the margin of error. I think it it worth pointing out that the top two -- Melinda and Lakisha -- are both WAAAAY outside of the margin of error; their scores are stellar. Gina apparently scored some points last night also.

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