Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big waste of my time

So, I realize I gotta get something posted up here. I had yesterday off and spent most of the weekend painting the new door we got. We went with a deep red. Very nice color.

After many hours and many coats of paint I went to hang the door. And it just didn't quite work. It fits OK (though a tad small), but the knobs don't line up with strike plates and the hinges and the pre-cut notches for the hinges on the door are way off.

My options are to 1: Move the hinges and make new cuts to move the strike plates; or 2: Replace the entire door jamb. We're looking at going with number 2. While it's a lot more work, the jamb itself is rotting at the bottom and I don't know how much life it has left in it. Better to just replace the whole thing now.

Anyway, that's the fun I got to look forward to.

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