Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Door

Last weekend, my brother-in-law came up with his girlfriend and spent the weekend with us. His kids and ex-wife live in Kentucky and she brought down his his three kids so he could spend time with them. We're sort of the half-way point between the two of them.

So, we spent the weekend with six kids and four adults packed into the house. Though, honestly, this is the first time this has happened that it didn't feel overwhelming. We finally have a home big enough to house a bunch of people.

What does this have to do with a door? I'm getting there. Let me meander.

At some point on Sunday my brother in law yells out to me, "Cullen ... uh, the bottom of your door just fell off."

My first thought is how did he or his boys break my door. I go to the door and the door sweep has come off and there's a lot of rotten wood pieces all around. Apparently the wood framing along the bottom of my front door has dry rotted. It's pretty bad. I though about attempting to replace the wood, but then thought that it would probably be best to replace the door. My wife did some searching and came up with some prices. She also did a post on Craig's List about us looking for a door.

We got a call yesterday afternoon from a lady who refurbishes homes. She said she had about nine doors and we could take our pick -- she'd give us a real good deal. We met her at her storage unit and she did indeed have a stack of doors, all with minor scratches and dents, but most all of them still had their price stickers still in place.

After looking at the door, and much talk, we secured a new steel-core door with glass inset, full-size and twin-size mattresses for $60. It was a great evening.

Now we've got to decide what color to paint it.

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