Monday, October 15, 2007

A tooth-chippingly good time

One of the benefits of working in my current job is a compressed work schedule. It means that I work 80 hours in 9 days and get one day off. I chose to take every other Monday as my regular day off. It's been nice. Lets me do things with the family like take my oldest daughter to the dentist.

Saturday, I took my GRE and afterwards the wife and I went out on a date. Our kids were staying at a friend's house. We were going to go hit some shops, do some window shopping, eat out and chill together. We went to a Guitar Center as a first stop and were there all of 10 minutes when our friend called and said that our oldest child had broken a tooth.

We rushed back to find that she'd broken about a quarter off of her front, permanent tooth. Much research into finding a dentist and/or an emergency room ensued. In the end, we wound up waiting until today. She was fine, just a little less toothed.

The dentist we chose (just happened to be the first pediatric dentist on our insurance agent's list) is quite nice, quick and professional. My daughter no longer has a jagged little tooth. She now has a white filling sculpted tooth where one has to look close to see any discoloration. Great job.

Let me tell you, all that nanny-state crap about minding playground equipment and stuff was created because of kids like my daughter. Try get it through to your kids not to break a fall with their face. Not good.

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