Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is this blog on?

I've been busy, sure, but I'm also just a lazy bitch and one of the first things I do nowadays is ignore this place.

We arrived back from DC Wednesday afternoon and all went well. I learned how to do a bunch of stuff in Adobe InDesign that I will NEVER need to do. Nice to know how to do, though.

Since we've been back I've been putting off writing research papers, playing Guitar Hero and watching Doctor Who. I really like the look of this season so far, but my opinion's out on Catherine Tate. She seems suitable for Doctor Who, but she makes me miss Martha. And that's saying something. I think Kylie Minogue did such a good job in the last Christmas special it makes me wistful for a companion of real caliber. So far, Tate has yet to do that. Guess it's pretty obvious when I refer to her by her real name rather than her character.

Companion criticisms aside, both episodes of this season have been well written and well executed. They hint at returning villains (hmm, wonder who she could be /sarcasm).

So, if you're not watching Dr. Who yet, you have some great eps coming up on Sci/Fi.

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