Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The threat outpaces the readiness

I'm not sure what to think of Alan Keyes these days, but his Renew America website has some interesting articles. Some crackpot ones as well, but you can sift through the chaff easily enough.

My attention was drawn to one opinion column in particular: Global pressures outpace military funding by Jeff Lukens. He is so correct here that I can't put it any better than he has:

Today, seven years into the Global War on Terror, we are still spending a paltry 3.7% of GDP on defense.

Our procurement needs will, if anything, grow in the years ahead. For example, our primary air-supremacy jet, the F-15, is old, metal-fatigued, and coming apart. Stress cracks from age and overuse are causing them to crash. Many were built before the pilots flying them were even born. Now, one-third of all F-15s are either grounded or headed to the scrap yard.


The United States will be hard pressed to make up the lack of funding of its military since the end of the Cold War. With the growing pressure of entitlement spending on the federal budget in the years ahead, restoring military funding to adequate levels becomes an even greater challenge.

This is not news to anyone who watches the military or is concerned about national defense. But it's refreshing to see it put in such plain language.

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