Friday, April 18, 2008

My head is more than the sum of its parts

That is, sinuses suck.

At some point during yesterday evening my head turned into a 10-gallon water jug full of seeping liquid sloshing about and feeling as though it threatens to separate from my shoulders.

Damn allergies.

Non segue segue …

Last night I finished a research paper that’s been giving me some problems this week. This weekend I have to quickly push out another one, though the shot group doesn’t have to quite as tight on this one, so I’m not sweating quite as bad. After next week I have some relief from school for a few weeks and that’s kind of odd. This semester seemed to just blow by. In a way, I hope all of grad school is like this – blowing by that is.

With my undergraduate degree, there was no real plan other than to use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I have a clearly defined goal in my sights with this graduate degree, though. Just have to hang in and complete it.

My non sequitur of the day: Mormons DO NOT practice or condone polygamy. Extremists who have branched off and formed cultist sects do. And if these folks in Texas are guilty of what they’re being accused of by all means, prosecute the hell out of them. However, it’s plain wrong to pull children away from their mothers like that.

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