Monday, July 14, 2008

Big birthday

We had our youngest's third birthday party on Saturday. It was a busy day. He doesn't really turn three until tomorrow, but we had to do the party on a day we could put everything together. We had a pirate-themed party.

So, what you got here is our pinata. We've done a pinata for every child on their 2nd or 3rd birthday. Nothing terribly difficult; some paper mache over a blown-up balloon. Then paint it, hang it and bust it. Painting the pinata was my contribution to the party. I got a stencil for the skull and crossbones. Came out pretty good, I think.

J-mom made a treasure chest cake and that was a big hit.

I admit that I was skeptical of the cake, but the final product was quite good.

These things don't get any less busy the more times you do them.

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