Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My books make me happy. We've lived here almost a year now and still have a garage full of boxes. Many of those boxes are filled with books. At least enough to fill 2 or 3 bookshelves like these here.

Both J-mom and I brought books to the marriage and we're big on acquiring them. If we had the money, I'm sure one of the luxury items we would indulge would be a library.

Neither of us have all the books we'd like to. I tell you, while I love my novels, I'm becoming increasingly fond of the coffee table book. Something you can pick up and thumb through and make yourself smile. Or pout. Depending on the subject, I guess. In the left pic, on the bottom shelf, on the left is a book called "Guitar." It is one of my favorite books. Sometimes I just want to flip through and look at some pretty and historic six strings.

Perhaps we'll get more books up when we get ourselves some bookshelves. I really want to build some built-in shelves, but that's probably wishful thinking. We shall see.

I really dig this. This reading space is in the room over our garage -- the largest bed/bonus room. Originally, both our girls were in the room, but we moved them into one of the smaller bedrooms and converted this into a school/guest/play room. We wanted to make sure the kids had a reading area too. I would have so dug this area as a kid -- a semi-secluded spot where I could escape. Of course, the kids hardly use it.

Not to say they don't read. Kid Number 1 (just turned 9 in May) is an avid reader. She read the Harry Potter series about a year or so ago. The longest she took with any of the books was about 3 days. We were pretty impressed. Since then she's read the Spiderwick Chronicles, most of the Sister's Grimm (she just got the most recent two books last week and is finishing off the series) and the Inkheart series. Kid Number 2 (7) just finished her first "chapter book" (one without pictures, etc.). She's getting into it a bit later than her sister, but she really loved it and is ready to start reading all the things her sister is. Bo-Bo, who turns 3 in about 14 days, loves to be read to and will pick up a book any time.

While so much stuff is available on line, and I do loves me some interwebs, sometimes there's nothing as viscerally satisfying as a book.

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