Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was re-watching the mega-awesome Grindhouse: Planet Terror last night and I didn't see the whole thing with Jesse Jackson until this morning. But given the good reverend's comments and Naveen Andrews' obsession in this movie, I'd say that was some damn fine planning on my part.

This post really wasn't meant to be post about Jackson's gaffe, but it provides a good segue to talk about the movie. When I first went to see Grindhouse on opening day, I was a gushing fan boy. I was very happy with how well Planet Terror stands up to a repeat viewing with more than a year separating viewings.

One thing, I was very critical of Rose McGowan in the movie, and, while I still think there are many actresses who could have done just as good (or better, a job, she did just fine. I'm pretty sure I was still geeking over Gretchen Mol from The Notorious Bettie Page.

It was also fun to see Josh Brolin in this role after having watched No Country for Old Men just a few days ago. How versatile is this cat? He really deserves some obsessing.

Still a fun movie.

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