Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Short week

This past weekend was my three-day weekend (I get a three-day every other weekend - compressed work schedules, how I love them). I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week because my parents are coming up to visit.

We're trying to cook up some things to do while they're here. The zoo here is nice and we need to get another annual pass. We were thinking about doing Graceland also, but I don't think our two youngest kids would do very well there. So, there's much still up in the air.

Today we find out if we'll have working AC for their visit (we'd better). The good news with the AC was that it was a lot cheaper and less labor intensive to fix than we originally thought it would be. The bad news is that our AC guy is still taking two days to fix the thing. He came out yesterday to install the new condensor unit and ran out of oxygen when he was soldering the line set. So, we had to wait another day so he could get a new tank. He said he'd be out today by noon. Hopefully we'll have AC before I get home from work. At least the temperature is still rather cool here. Yesterday was kind of warm (no where near seasonal averages, but warmer than the past few days) but today and tomorrow are cooler. The real problem is the humidity. Having to leave the windows open means everything feels damp - we are so ready for the AC to be working again.

Yesterday I had my final meeting for a summer class project. Technically summer classes have been out for two weeks, but we were still working on a group project and did our presentation last night. Could have gone better, but at least it's over. I now go into research, so I don't have to worry about class meetings or anything of the sort. I am only responsible to my committee. Speaking of which, for my project, I only needed two faculty on my committee and the two I wanted are both in phased retirement. My advisor told me that I shouldn't expect them to say yes to my committee request. I asked them not expecting it, but they both replied quickly saying they would gladly sit on my committee. It's going to be fun turning this research project around. I look forward to it.

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