Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank God for big favors

Yesterday evening the Memphis area was besieged by tornadoes. They touched down in at least three places in the immediate Memphis vicinity. One of those areas was near a main shopping center/mall. J-mom happened to be right in that area when the tornado was heading that way. Was in that area to such an extent, she saw the funnel cloud begin to descend. She was running into a store right when it was touching down - things were beginning to fly in the air behind her. Freaky.

The shopping center she was in has two main areas. The side she was on was pretty much safe. Some stores had window damage and some cars in the lot had some damage. The other side of the shopping center was hit by the tornado. One store lost part of its roof, other businesses were hit. Kind of scary. The fact that she was right there when it was happening - freaky.

We're very thankful she made it home safely. We're thankful our vehicle made it through it just a couple of dings. We're thankful the storms weren't any worse than they could have been.

Here's a video showing the damage of the shopping center and the area J-mom was in:

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