Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The beginning of the end of Lost

The first of the last, so what did y'all think?

I wasn't sure where they were going to go. And honestly, I had forgotten some of what happened last season (I didn't watch any of the catch-up programming). There is promise here.

Oh, here there be potential SPOILERS:

What I liked: The pacing. Nice going keeping things moving instead of dawdling over any one point for too long. Great way to start off a season.

> Benjamin being out-of-sorts. After season of this guy being the heavy, it's great to see him on edge for real.

> That they tied up things with Juliet. Instead of just having her disappear, they sent her out with style.

> The Locke-Smoke Monster knocking the shit out of Richard.

What I didn't like: MORE PEOPLE? How big is this freaking island?

> Sure were a lot of commercials for a two-hour episode.

> That Desmond was on the plane kind of throws off the theory that the bomb really did work, doesn't it? So, alternate reality? Dream? Quantum potential? Ugh. They should have just left him off the damn plane.


tracey said...

I don't remember what happened to Desmond. Uh, I'm embarrassed. Is he dead? Did he die in spectacular fashion and I actually FORGOT?

Help me, Cullen!

Cullen said...

He left the island. Got shot by Ben, but didn't kill him. Ben was going to kill Penny, but he couldn't do it. Desmond wound up beating the crap out of Ben.

He stayed behind when everyone else returned to the island.

I mostly remembered, but also Lostpedia is awesome.

Crotalus said...

Since season two, I've been a sporadic viewer at best. But I do want to see how they wrap this up.

Cullen said...

Oh, I agree that season 2 was rough, but every season since then has made up for it. Last season was great!