Friday, February 12, 2010

Photos of the week (ending 2/12)

I decided I needed to start taking more pictures. So I have been.

Our snow and ice woes are no worse than anyone else's, but when I came home one day and saw icicles hanging from my porch lights it drove home to me just how odd it is for this to happen to us.

Sure, it's a crappy photo, but if I climbed the stairs at all I would have ruined her pose. In fact, I got off two shots before she raised her head to try and figure out what I was doing. Isn't that just the saddest face you've ever seen? Surely she is the most abused dog ever.

This shot requires a bit of context. I am obviously the father of a girl, huh? Well, her older sister couldn't be less interested in clothes. Or shoes. But don't think that she's some anti-materialist. No, she just craves things like books, baking and cake making ephemera - and she made a list. A long list of all the cake-making items she wants. As soon as Daughter Number 2 realized what DN1 was doing, she made her own list.

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nightfly said...

I can't even take pictures of my dog. She can hear the camera's little *beep beep* when I turn it on, and invariably she will break off whatever adorable thing she's doing and run over to investigate. Sigh...