Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST: Final Season: Ep. 4 5

Everything below this sentence is a SPOILER. That’s all the warning there is. UPDATE: I forgot that the first airing of the new season was two espisodes back to back, so I've updated my numbering on this post.

Last night’s episode almost seemed like a throw-away. What did they really accomplish? We learned:
* Jack is important! (Well no shit, show)
* Things happening in the alternate timeline don’t necessarily marry up with what happened with our folks in the plane-crash timeline.
* Claire is crazy.
* The folks at the temple are toast.

My problem is that all of these point could have been handled in an episode that did a lot more to advance plotlines. Instead we get a lot of huggy-feely Jack and son time. It was interesting in its way, but frustrating realizing that there’s so little left to the show. To deconstruct for a moment here: I thought it was pretty obvious from season one that Jack was the man. I felt kind of cheated that we spent so much time dealing with that kind of a story line when there are so many other things going on. Though I did find it amusing when they got to the lighthouse, I asked aloud, “Right. How come they never saw that before?” and Jack asks, “How come we never saw that before?” Nice.

Essentially what we got last night was 5 minutes worth of meat and a whole lot of filler.


Crotalus said...

They never saw the lighthouse because the writers hadn't thought of it until they started writing this season. Like most everything else with this show.

If this thing turns out like Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' epic, I'm gonna be ticked. But only mildly. I actually followed King's epic. And I expect to be let down with 'Lost'.

Cullen said...

A couple of years ago, author Terry Pratchett was asked if he would ever contribute to the rebooted Doctor Who series. Pratchett said something like: "No, the rely too much upon makeitupasyougoalongium" So does LOST.

But at least LOST was up front about it. Heck it was part of their selling point. They metaness of it. The involvement of the fans. I think it's worked out well in some ways and poorly in others. I'm not yet convinced that they had a well-conceived story and ending when they began. Had they had that, I think the fan input would have seemed more of an enhancement than an albatross.