Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I useta

I don't know if it's the changing nature of preference or practicality, but when I saw the sun cracking the horizon at 6 this morning, I was happy. See, I used to look forward to the darkening days of fall, but, while it's still my favorite season, I find myself longing for the extended daylight hours of spring and summer.

The loss of an hour isn't pleasant though. That's something that spring has against it. The longer days meant longer play, but losing that little bit of extra sleep is tough. Tougher as the years roll on. Perhaps that's something that always set me against the warmer months.

It was just weird to experience a longing for those long hours of daylight when for so many years I've wanted just the opposite.


Ken Socrates said...

I feel the same way, my man. Perhaps we're just getting old, I don't know. The cold and snow and staying indoors were nothing to me when I was young. I loved it. These days, I find myself longing for warm nights on the back deck by an outdoor fire, drinks and grilling and relaxing in an 8:30 twilight hour.

Put me out to pasture, I guess. Apparently I'll enjoy it there.

J-Mom said...

I guess it's time to start looking at moving to FL or AZ:)

Cullen said...

I have no problems moving to Florida.