Friday, March 05, 2010

Late LOST: Final Season: Ep. 6

I’ve been sick. Here’s my quick review. SPOILERS below.

Dude told you guys that Sayid was going psycho. But no, don’t listen to the samurai.

I don’t know that this episode answered much of anything, but it was certainly an entertaining show. It was really cool to see Sayid go awesome on that dude who killed Ben’s daughter.

Funny how one of the biggest marketing tactics for this season of LOST is, “All your questions will be answered,” and yet the creators say “all those loose ends won’t be answered.”

Not that I really expected that to happen. As long as we find out the major stuff, I’ll be OK. During a promo for Flash Forward I joked: Cast of Flash Forward find out that everything they’re experiencing caused LOST to happen.

We’ll see.

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