Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Corey Haim, how I didn't know ye

It's kind of extra sad when one of the stars from your childhood passes away. Especially sad when that person went through so much turmoil in their life. I can't say much about Haim because outside of the few movies I saw him in, I don't know jack about him. I'm with most folks, I remember him best, and most fondly from Lost Boys. I'll probably have to have a Lost Boys viewing this weekend along with my peers. However, if you want to read the definitive RIP remembrance, Shiela has a great piece up about Haim in Lucas.


Andy said...

Cullen, I honestly have no idea who this fellow is. And, I have no recollection of "Lost Boys."

But, I have seen several tributes from folks of your age today on blogs that I normally read. From what I can tell, he was well-liked by his fans.

And, he was just as "human" as they come. It is a sad tale...35.

That's awfully young to burn out (at least in this day, and age). I'm going to look into this "Lost Boys" thing that you (and others) mention.

It's sad.

Cullen said...

Yeah, I think a lot of folks 10-15 years older than me (or older) don't really identify with him or know who he was. Again, I didn't really follow him too much, but the due was just two years older than I (he was 38) and that's just a lesson in mortality, you know.

That's the selfish way of looking at it, anyway. He also was a big part of the entertainment culture of my youth. I wouldn't call him iconic or anything, but it was just a "Wow, what a shame," moment you know?

Andy said...

Yeah, I got ya' Cullen!

I've seen a lot of folks near my age (50) die from self-imposed causes...and many MUCH younger. It does make you ponder those "Wow, what a shame" things.