Thursday, March 11, 2010

What’s your favorite …

OK, don’t think about it, just answer with the first thing that comes into your mind:

What’s your favorite song? GO!

My son asked me this the other night and it took me aback a little. First, because I thought it was so cool that my four-year-old was asking me the question, and second because I consider that a pretty hard question to answer.

However, without thinking, the first song I would say is We Are 138 by the Misfits. It perfectly encapsulates the aggression and energy of rock and roll and it’s short.


Andy said...

Cullen, I like the way you posed that question...What's your favorite? GO!

I didn't give myself time to think. If I had been presented options...

Favorite Rock & Roll song.

Favorite Country song.

Favorite Hymn.

Favorite R & B.

Favorite Love song.

Favorite ballad.

Favorite etc...

Well, that would have taken me a zillion years to figure out.

The way you posed the question, one shot straight into my rapidly balding cranium:

"All These Things." Joe Stampley & The Uniques.

Them Springhill (maybe some from Cullen, even) boys.

Cullen said...

The Uniques, such good stuff.