Friday, March 26, 2010

Thrown into the pit

Last night I had a specific DRI song in mind (Do the Dream), so I cued it up and started rocking it out. A few seconds into the song I noticed a strange but wonderful phenomenon. My four-year-old boy began to act like he got a shot of crack cocaine right into his supercharger. He started jumping around, shaking around, having all kind of fun moving to the music. I decided it was time to teach him what a mosh pit was.

I pulled up Youtube and searched mosh pits. Surprisingly lame results out there, guys. But I did find a Slayer show with a good example. Rather than play out the video, I cued up the song itself (Reign in Blood) and we got a very funny pit going - me, my son and my nine-year-old daughter.

We then went to Anthrax (I AM THE LAW!), Megadeth (99 Ways to Die), Metallica (Trapped Under Ice) and the below song I found on YouTube kind of typifies the sentiment, "Kick your friend in the head and have a ball ..."


Kate P said...

I totally have to share my mosh pit trauma in the near future. That said, I'm sure you taught your kids proper mosh pit etiquette. :)

Anonymous said...

Teach them young, that is what my dad did...and I turned out just fine and I mosh better than anyone I know ;)

Cullen said...

Kate, you now must post about your mosh pit trauma. The weird thing about pits is that each has its own code of ethics. You have to be careful.

Natalie, all the kids had a good time with it. We'll see what kind of music they wind up listening too in the long run.