Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blonde joke amazement

By now most folks must know about the blonde joke circulating the 'sphere. I jumped on the bandwagon because I thought it was truly funny and was interested to see how far it would go. I certainly didn't do it for the site traffic. However, that seems to be the side effect of being linked by some large sites through such a thing.

I am no high-traffic site. My daily visits average around 40. Yesterday I logged on my normal time (6:30 a.m.) and my traffic was already at 90. I closed the day out with nearly 1,000 hits! This morning, normal time, and I already had 160 hits.

What's interesting to me is that something silly has lead to so much traffic, although most are 0 second visits on the way to the next blond joke. I just thought that my core audience, those I write for, would be interested to know this little tidbit.

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