Tuesday, January 31, 2006

OK, I'm getting old

Friday night, WunderKraut, myself and loyal reader Crotalus went into the downtown of our tiny town to see Kevin Kinney play live. Well, it was hard. The sound was mixes horribly and made listening to the opening band nearly unbearable. The opening act wasn't all that good to begin with, so the bad sound just compounded the problem.

By the time Kevin Kinney hit the stage, I'd about had enough. The sound was painful. The throngs of twenty-somethings were now passing out and throwing up. It wasn't fun to watch and I couldn't even enjoy listening to the band.

BUT, what really has me thinking about my age is today's Top 99 Most Desireable Woman story at AskMen.com. Of course the woman listed here are all beautiful, and desireable, I guess, to some. But my problem is with a few of the entires. Particularly #90: Amanda Bynes.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIs she a pretty girl? For sure. But she's A CHILD! I cannot get that idea out of my mind. I can't remember exactly from what movie/show I know her from, but ever since she's hit the scene, I've always felt she was a cute little girl. But that's all I've ever thought, a cute little girl.

Now she's on a most desireable woman list. Just doesn't seem right.

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