Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coffee musings

I got a burr grinder for Christmas. It has proven to be a wonderful gift. I have really enjoyed having a smooth even grind. That was always my problem with my blade grinder is that 3/4 of the beans would be fine ground (like I like) and 1/4 would be medium-ground to course. The burr grinder produces consistently even grind.

The link I provided lists several features of the grinder one of which is "85-watt motor works efficiently and without excess noise." This is b*lls**t. It's as loud as a blender. I have no issues with this, but it was surprising.

I use a regular automatic-drip coffee maker. I bought a permanent coffee filter a while ago, but often use paper filters with it. Primarily for the convenience of cleaning up, but I have learned that paper filters also block out some of the oils that get into the coffee. They also block the finer, powdery grounds that accumulate during grinding. I have begun debating whether or not I like this.

Over the past four or five days I have been experimenting. I brewed a few batched with paper filters in my permanent filter and a few without. I believe I prefer the permanent filter sans paper. You tend to get more sediment in your coffee, and the oils (for whatever that's worth), but there's a subtle, pleasing taste that's in the coffee when you don't use a paper filter. I'm not sure if it's due to the sediment or oil, but it tastes richer and more complex.

Anyone else ever notice this? Bingley? Am I a putz?

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