Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heroes, part deux

A good lineup for the fall line up.I finally caught up on episode one over the weekend and watched episode two. This is quickly becoming my new favorite show. Being a fan of comic books my whole life, it's hard not to love a show about superheroes.

Oddly enough, I just read the "Marvels" mini-series that Marvel Comics put out in 1994. Hadn't read it before. For those who haven't read it, the series is a twist on all the old comic tales. It starts with the birth of the original human torch. You know, the 1930s-era torch. And brings it up to near-present day. But rather than just retell the stories, it tells its tale from the point of view of people who are being effected by all the superhero activity. It was a rather ingenius concept. It puts one into a perfect frame of mind for watching Heroes.

We're not only seeing the stumbling first steps of new heroes, but the rarely-seen-in-comics effects on the world around these people. Most comics would have you believe that John Doe one day gets hit by a bolt of cosmic radiation and immediately dons a cape and goes to fight evil. It's just the way they're built. And I love them for it.

Heroes is about characters first. And is done very well. I highly recommend the show.

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