Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Of dreams and anger

There goes that darn chastity.At night I dream in cascading thoughts and images. Things I experience during the day, things I am anxious about, things important to me, and sometimes cool vignets of things put together in their own tale.

Sometimes, my dreams' colors are all out of proportion to what they should be. Oversaturated hues and transposed shades are often the norm.

Sometimes I get to fly. Sometimes I have super strength. Sometimes I am on the receiving end of a super villain's dastardly plan.

Sometimes things melt. Sometimes things explode. Sometimes things are way out of perspective.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSometimes things involve people I know and care about. Sometimes they involve what are obviously amalgams of people I know or have seen, but are unique to my dreamscape.

However, at no time have I ever confused what's going on in a dream with what's real.

Apparently, women, you don't have that same ability. Why, oh why, women do you get mad at us over a dream that you had?

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