Friday, October 27, 2006

Junior, when we get home, I'm gonna slap your momma.

There are times I have to fight road rage, swallow it back like rising bile. It's not that traffic here is very bad, there simply isn't the population for really bad traffic. What we do have in abundance are bad drivers.

I have lived all over the U.S. and in Okinawa. I have driven in Afghanistan. Some of the people in this town rival the worst drivers I've seen anywhere. Of course, that anger over their driving translates to more aggressive driving on my part. Now multiply that times a couple of thousand for all the other people on the road who are not driving so poorly, and now you have a few really bad drivers on the road and a whole bunch of pissed off aggressive drivers. Not a great environment to be jamming along at 70.

Yesterday, on my way home, I was behind one of the worst drivers I've seen on the road here to date. He obviously worked for a car dealership -- the car had dealer plates. Or maybe he was test driving. Whatever, the dude almost caused two accidents in the span of five minutes. First, when entering the highway, he almost ran right into a car on the highway, paying no attention to the nice, big YIELD sign that on-ramp traffic is supposed to obey. Next, as we are building up some speed, we approach the next on-ramp. I am, unfortunately, behind this guy still and we're in the right lane. There are two cars in the right lane that haven't been picking up speed. As we get to the on ramp, there are more cars zooming onto the highway with no regard to oncoming traffic. In the right lane, one car hits its brakes to let a car get in front of him. This guy in front of me, SLAMS on his brakes at the same time as the car next to him. So, instead of speeding up to get around the problem and freeing up space, he jams up the problem. I honestly thought I was in an accident. I was breaking as hard as I could and was fully expecting someone to slam into me. Fortunatley it didn't happen.

But man. I so wanted to be able to pull that driver over and ask him what the hell he was thinking. So, as soon as Emily gets her Friday eff off thread up, I have some creative venting to take care of.

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