Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Idol Threats 1/24: So are the days of our Idol

The show has started off strong. A hilarious no. A heart wrenching yes and a heart wrenching no.

I just gotta say, again, WTF is up with the producers this season? And WTF is up with the judges. This is about the fourth or fifth time we've had a very decent singer come through that the judges just completely blew off. I realize that chick had been to Hollywood twice before, but, she could sing.

Oh well. Guess that's why I work for the government and Simon's on TV.

> New break, new comments:

So, BFFs 1 and 2. BFF 2 could really sing and really deserved her golden ticket. BFF 1, not so much. Simon obviously saw himself in a BFF sammich, so both girls made it.

Cowgirl #1: I wasn't expecting this cowgirl, but, man, that was amazing. WOW. That was some crazy, wasn't it? "I can't sing, but you can teach me." WOW.

Little opera girl was amazing. I enjoyed her rock voice a lot. I don't think Randy gave her enough of a chance, but we'll see how far she'll go in Hollywood.

And, dammit, show me the orgasming cowgirl. I'm dying over here.

Julie Isadora did not disappoint. What can you really say about that? She has, perhaps, earned her cowboy-hat tiara as the American Idol queen of people who think they can sing, but really, really can't.

- OR -

It was strange performance art. Something that straddled the lines of pop, rock, porn and deconstructivist criticism. Oh and mysticism too. Let us not forget the on-target palm reading. Would have been hilarious if she'd said something like, "You're boyfriend's name is Raul, Ryan." That would have earned her major cool points. But, no, she doesn't quite have it together enough for that.

Next week, Birmingham. Looking forward to it based on the teaser. Looks like there'll be some singers, and some silly.

As for tonight, my top of the pop was opera girl. I was very impressed. I hope she makes it through the opening days of Hollywood.

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