Monday, January 08, 2007

I present my present

One of the greatest things man has ever produced is the upgraded video card.

Most of my birthday stuff was stuff I bought for myself. One of those things was a video card I impulse bought while surfing the post-Christmas clearance shelves at the Office Depot near my parent’s home. I’m usually pretty good and not impulse buying but the big, shiny $27 sticker on the front of the package was too alluring.

I picked up the box just to see what it was. It’s not a great card, just a 128-bit NVIDIA, but when I was about to put it back on the shelf something caught my eye. It has both S-video and HDMI outputs. My mind began to plug away at the possibilities. See, I play a lot of videos on my computer. Being able to output them directly to my TV would save A LOT of time, effort and recordable DVDs.

So, I bought the card. What I didn’t buy were the cords and adapters I’d need to run the card to my TV. I knew I could find them cheap online, but I wasn’t sure how long a cord I’d need. When I got home, I measured things up, did my online research and got my cords and adapters in the mail Friday.

Although the card has an S-video out, I needed an RCA, so I had to buy an S-video to RCA adaptor (I found one for less than $3). Then I had to get some RCA extenders (less than a buck a piece) and some more RCA cables. I am particularly proud of my RCA cable purchases. I was looking for single strand RCA cables – just the one cord, not all three, to cut back on cost. I thought I found what I was looking for in a 95-cent a pop 12 foot cord. I ordered five. But when they came in, each package contained three cables, at 95-cents per package! Great deal. Now I have three extra 12’ RCA packages.

Anywho, I got everything hooked up and it works perfectly. I finished watching some videos I was putting off watching until I got this hooked up and was so happy to watch it on TV versus sitting in front of the computer to do so.

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