Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Idol Threats: 1/23

By Jeebus that was some funny stuff tonight. I now wish I had taken notes to share some of my thoughts that have by now floated into the ether.

First, I seriously don't think the judges are being any meaner this season than they have in the past. However, I do believe the producers and video editors are. The way they focus longer on individual subjects (as I mentioned last week) makes it more painful, individually. That said, there are some really bad, funny performances.

The poor kid who sang Burning Love, I'm sure he was a high-functioning mentally challenged individual. Which is kind of sad. But (and this is bad of me) he reminded me of that character that Tracy Morgan used to play on Saturday Night Live -- the animal show host? Brian Fellows ... that's it! That dude so reminded me of Brian Fellows.

So far, I agree with American Midol. The level of the passes this year just aren't up to last year. But tonight there were a couple that were pretty good. I'm not sure I'm on board with everyone with Sundance or whatever the hell his name is. I didn't think he was all that hot. The shy background singing chicky was damn good. Fidel Castro Clone (tm) was also very good.

The best scene of the season is forthcoming, though. Orgasming cowboy hat girl is coming up tomorrow night. And we all know that television will never be the same.

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