Friday, January 19, 2007

So ...

Anyone else out there kind of pissed that the new House leadership desires to waste so much of our time and tax money for a stupid, useless, non-binding resolution? This kind of whining is horrible. This is the kind of whining where the whiners not only want everyone to know their displeasure, they must have some kind of acknowledgement of their plight.

You know what, you arrogant bastards, we know how you feel. We know your positions. You can't keep your money-grubbing, power hungry faces off the television for five freaking minutes. You know what's a good allegory for "non-binding resolution?" Here are a few I thought of -- non-operating automobile, wingless airplane, and my personal favorite, empty beer bottle.

When it comes to crap like this, I could care less what your political party is. I could care less what your point of view is. This is worthless. It is a waste of time I'd almost call criminal considering the things you guys should be doing. The only silver lining I can see in all of this is that the longer you focus on this crap, the less amount of time you'll have to fark up something else.

There is a response to people when they waste your time with this kind of whining. You scrunch up your face in your best baby/person who is whining imitation and, using a baby voice, mockingly say the following, "Waaah, my pussy hurts." 'Cause that what all this amounts to.

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