Thursday, June 26, 2008


I look back on the all the great fascists of history and I find myself wondering, is it possible to change? Can one move from such an extreme position and become moderate? I say, yes!

Why do I ask such things? Well, coffee, of course. I am a reformed coffee nazi, you see.

There were no earth-shattering epiphanies or anything of the like that changed my point of view. I just wanted to simplify my morning routine. I got tired of grinding beans. I got really tired of cleaning the grinder. And, when all is said and done, there are many quality pre-ground coffees out there.

The brand I consistently use is Community and I like their between roast blend, but my wife just picked me up some Archer Farms coffee (Target's premium brand). It's good stuff.

Looking back on my more retentive coffee days, I guess I wasn't really all that fascist. I was very conscious of my grind and how much coffee I liked, but I didn't use bottled water and I try to reheat old coffee instead of wasting it. So, I guess maybe I was more of a coffee conservative. I guess I'm a coffee moderate now.

I'll flip flop on coffee and keep my politics firm.

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