Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have lost

OK, so McCain has a comment taken way out of context and it blows up in his face.

But when I read this:
The McCain campaign is arguing that he wasn't saying that the act of bringing the troops home is not too important; merely that the timing is.

That seems like a distinction that isn't terribly meaningful, but nonetheless one worth noting, because it's true that McCain was answering a question about the timing

It just pisses me off. It's this rather blasé "our troops need to come home" attitude that's bothering me. God forbid we actually try and finish what we've started. Nope. It's a foregone conclusion that we have failed.

I have said it before, I was no fan of going into Iraq from the beginning. I had my doubts. The arguments for going in just didn't seem justification enough for invading another country. But NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW. We are there. We are doing good things. If we do not continue to do good things a there will be a power vacuum that could only be filled by Iran.

"Bring the troops home now" is an action without a conscience and what is ironic is that it is probably the most un-liberal thing to do. What will happen to the people of that country if we left today? How could that possibly be ethical? None of those supporting our immediate withdrawal seem to care. Honestly, anti-Iraq war advocates don’t care about the people of Iraq or our military. They only care about supporting causes that are in direct opposition to the current administration.

Ugh. I’m sorry to rant on like that, and I know that I'm generally preaching to the choir. I realize the futility of sounding off in an echo chamber, but this is my place to rant.

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