Thursday, June 19, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Spent yesterday here.

The Memphis Redbirds had a military appreciation day yesterday and all the military and civilian employees here were authorized to attend. I mean, we still had to pay for tickets, but the command said we could go without having to fork over any precious leave hours.

Not a big fan of baseball (although the game was interesting), but a bad day at a ball park is always better than a good day at work.

I stayed a bit longer than I intended and I had wanted to walk over to the Gibson guitar shop again and drool over some Les Pauls, but I gave a coworker a ride and felt a tad obligated to hang out there a bit longer.

UPDATE: I almost forgot about this ... yesterday morning, getting ready for work, I was watching the news on a local station. The anchors were talking about yesterday's game and about how it had become a double header because the opponents, the Albuquerque Isotopes, had got stuck in Dallas Tuesday.

The male anchor, after the female anchor read the news brief, then says something like: "Isotopes, what a neat name."

The female anchor: "Yes very unique. I wish I'd paid more attention in high school."

Male anchor: "I think it was something to do with geology."

The did read the correct definition after coming back from commercial, but the damage had been done. I mean, everyone knows that ISOTOPE is the organization that issues standardizing qualificaitons for industries involved in the production of lutefisk.

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