Friday, June 20, 2008

Totally not unrelated to anything of inconsequence

Have any of y'all seen that new Cartoon Network show Total Drama Island (apparently only new to those of us in the USofA, guess they're on season 2 in Canada). Anyway ... it's funny and I find it to be OK for the family to watch.

Wednesday night the family is lounging in the living room watching Cartoon Network when the show comes on. I'm sitting on the floor and motion for my son to come over and sit with me. We're picking on each other and such during commercials.

Then, on the show (which is a parody of Survivor, by the way) they're in the "challenge" phase of the show. For this particular challenge they have to jump off a cliff into a circle of buoys in water of unknown depth. If the characters do not do this, they are branded a chicken and made to wear a chicken on their head.

It happens to one of the characters. Then my angelic son turns to me and says, "You chicken, daddy!"

I say with mock shock, "Why am I a chicken, Bo-bo?"

Without skipping a beat he turns points and laughs, "Ha-ha, you a chicken!"

That's my boy.

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